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Founder Team

We started Growth Performance in April 2016 to become the best loved training consultancy. We use innovative solutions often based on the very latest neuroscience that has been emerging over the last few years. 


There aren't many industries that we haven't worked in and we always try ensure we take time to understand the culture from the outset.


We also work with only the very best associate facilitators and coaches that we have known for many years. Please be in touch if you are looking to book trainers, coaches and facilitators.


Co Founder, problem solver, defender of awesome learning experiences. Gets bored quickly. Loves coffee and dogs.

Example Experience: McDonald's Restaurants Ltd.,

London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games 

Other Industry Experience: Public health, Housing, Fashion Retail, Engineering, Motorsport, Automotive, Banking, Hospitality (restaurants & bars), social volunteering

Wheel position: 26


Co Founder, organiser and ball catcher. Spreadsheet queen, planner. Loves sleeping and eating olives on the beach


Experience: Operations support, recruitment, HR ER, Performance Management

Other Industry Experience: Social volunteering, FMCG, Hospitality

Wheel position: 32

Mario & Luigi

Dogs bodies, mischief makers. Fun lovers. Love bones but chew everything.

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