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Design and Development Services

Many of our recent projects have been working with clients to design and develop programmes to support their teams to work more effectively in their business. 

We work with People, HR, Training and Operations teams to develop solutions that drive business growth through improved competence, confidence

Some of the areas that we have recently partnered with our clients have been:

- Restaurant Management Development Programmes

- Management Development Curriculum

- Leadership Development Programme

- Operations Systems Development

-  Coaching Programme for Managers

- Service Programme - Front line Programme

- Service leadership Programme - Management

- Train the Trainer (from presentation skills through to facilitation)

- Digital Solutions - Virtual Reality, Virtual Classes, and eLearning

Our approach is to work in close partnership to understand our clients at the same time as building trusting relationships. Often clients will have very clear objectives on their organisation needs but conversely we will co create the people development strategy. As an external partner we have a unique and unbiased view of the organisation. We provide support in areas of Training Design Process such as:

1-> Research & Analysis

2-> Design & Development 

3-> Delivery and Implementation 

4-> Evaluation

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