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Management & Leadership Development

Team Leadership Foundations 


For many managers, juggling all of the responsibilities of the job can be daunting. Expectations from above are high, but time to reflect and review can be hard to find, and this can lead to loss of perspective and the continuation of habits that are not necessarily good for management success.


This highly interactive training provides you with the knowledge, techniques and skills to build, lead and proactively manage a strong team. You will be shown simple and effective management models that will help you to make sense of your new role. You will come away with new approaches to help you get the best from those around you.



Manager to Leader Programme - bespoke


Middle managers often feel exactly like that: stuck in the middle; neither one thing nor the other; not always responsible for deciding upon organisational change, but often tasked with being the messenger and implementer for it; no longer hands-on in the job that brought them promotion, but not entirely strategic planners either. In a nutshell, the management world changes as we are promoted higher within it, and these changes can be difficult to adjust to.


This Manager to Leader training programme can be designed to help you achieve improvements in productivity and performance through people whilst taking into account key topical management issues. It takes a practical approach throughout and focuses on building the necessary skills to maintain credibility at this level. Through engaging exercises and group discussion you will learn new ways to make a positive impact on your staff, your peers, your customers and senior management

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