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Customer Experience (CX)

CX Foundations 


Despite it being common sense for most business to understand the importance of CX, so often internal processes conflict with the behaviours needed to exceed expectations. This course builds confidence and skills with the behaviours needed to provide outstanding CX. 


This is a highly interactive session as it is focused on building CX skills for those that have direct contact with customers or manages teams who do.


Conflict Resolution

Customer Leadership


Customer Leadership is about understanding and delivering leadership behaviours and their impact on how the team deliver great CX.


This course not only focuses on 'how' leaders go about their their role but also identifies cultural factors that need to be in place for a CX culture to thrive. Environmental / cultural factors have the biggest impact making up nearly 75% of how individuals and teams perform. This session 

looks at how you can create the right organisational factors to impact the workforce at each stage of their employee journey.



Conflict Resolution
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