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Learning Technology

Virtual Reality

There is somewhat of a buzz in the industry since the launch of Oculus and HTC Vive but it is an area that makes Growth Performance unique in the scope of our work. We have some of the most creative and innovative dev teams who can rapidly create photo realistic environments.


Whether you want to help your sales team effectiveness by really experiencing and understanding your product, or create simulations that are reinforced by an immersive experience...then VR is a great option to consider. 


Web Based

eLearning is now part of most organisation's approach to knowledge transfer as part of a blended learning approach.


We cater for 'traditional eLearning' but also do;

- Simulations

- Webinars, 

- Virtual classrooms,

- Social learning platform 

- Forum 


Give us a call and we can discuss what could work best for unique needs.


Gamified learning / gamification

One of the challenges historically with a lot of eLearning is that it has been badly designed and is often not very engaging. Gamification or gamified learning is a learning trend that attempts to make in roads to engage learners better. 


We design in gamified elements but also create learning games that don't patronise the learner but really drive perfromance improvement.



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