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Personal Effectiveness

Presentation Skills

When surveyed about their greatest fears, many people cite public speaking as their first. This public speaking course, Presentation Foundations, offers you the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to deliver confident, meaningful presentations that influence and inspire your audience.


In today’s business world, staff and management are expected to present to an audience with some kind of authority and impact. If you have some presenting experience but would like to hone your skills, ask about our Impactful Charismatic Presentations Course.

Conflict Resolution

Coaching Skills

This session is design for experienced leaders who want to improve their team performance without adding to their to do list. This Coaching Skills course introduces powerful and simple new approach to 'how' they go about their role...without adding to their to do list.


British author and critic Samuel Johnson famously once said, "People need to be reminded more often than they need to be instructed." This session focus on an effective process for using to coach along with working on developing the skills of coaching eg listening, giving and receiving feedback, empathy and questioning technique.

Conflict Resolution

Creative Thinking  Skills

This Creative Thinking Skills course encourages you to go beyond existing procedures to solve problems that you experience within your role. It focuses on the premise that solutions are always possible and presents simple, effective tools to facilitate exploration of the problem and identification of possible solutions. It also explores whether simple paradigm shifts could impact the methods of identifying and solving problems. 

This fun and interactive course will equip you with the skills to consider existing procedures and the impact these have on the solutions achieved.




Conflict Resolution Skills

It could be argued that conflict situations represent our most critical conversations – after all, there wouldn’t be conflict if the topic didn’t generate strong emotions.This Conflict Resolution training course gives you the skills to deal with conflict in the workplace and identify how to generate more positive results in conflict situations.


The course focuses on how changes to our own behaviour can dramatically influence the outcome of conflict situations. In addition, strong emphasis is placed on dealing with conflict situations before they reach crisis point. You will learn how to increase productivity by addresssing and minimising causes of conflict..



Time Management  Skills

With the world moving at an increasingly rapid pace, the demands on our time are escalating exponentially. Many people experience stress due to difficulty in prioritising and time is often lost due to procrastination. 

Our Time Management training course will allow you to analyse where you are losing time and how to better prioritise tasks, manage paperwork, emails and interruptions. Using a combination of practical tools and problem solving techniques, you will develop an individual plan for coping with your personal time management challenges.




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