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Launching for 2017: High impact new programmes, flexible to suit your needs

We are proud to be launching our new range of programmes for 2017.

These are highly interactive half day or full day modules that can be delivered virtually (Adobe Connect), face to face ( classroom) or can support a coaching requirement. We provide the tools and on-the-job assignments to bring the learning to life, as well as follow up sessions if need.

The modules are flexible and are able to be bought stand alone or as part of a programme of your choosing in a modality that suits your organisation.

Programme example:

Activity 1:- Initial diagnostic coaching session

Session 2:- Virtual classes,

Session 3:- On-the-job activities,

Session 4:- Course / captsone

Session 5:- Performance Evaluation

The programmes are delivered by our accredited coaches / trainers who are experts in Psychometrics, have years of facilitation experience with large organisations and are focused on improved workplace performance.

Here are our impactful 'Personal Effectiveness' Sessions...get in touch to find out more.

Here are our 'Team Effectiveness' sessions...give us a ring to find out how they can support your needs.

Here are our 'Leadership Effectiveness' sessions available now.

All of the sessions are able to be redesigned to suit your organisation's brand guidelines.

We work with any ethical organisation and will try to accommodate all budgets and make sure that the solution is delivered in the best possible way to deliver improved performance in the workplace.

To find out more phone Ben or Gemma on 02072052532 or email

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