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We specialise in designing and delivering effective people performance solutions*

*design and delivery of blended learning programmes, coaching, and consultancy services 

Hugo our performance constrained goldfish was not harmed in the creation of this site!

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Management &  
Leadership Development

How well leaders influence their teams to perform (our definition) is critical to success.

We develop courses and blended programmes that are tailored to your organisation's needs and minimise time away from the workplace whilst maximising behaviour change.

Growth Performance

We release the potential of your business through...



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Customer Experience

We love working with organisations to improve their customer experience.

Our founder worked to develop McDonald's Restaurants new approach to service as well as the 'Hosting' GamesMaker programme for the Olympics and Paralympics at London 2012.

Team Performance

We know that a key driver for getting results is down to how the team perform. We have some great programmes that will ensure each member of the team is accountable for how they play their part.

Growth Performance
Growth Performance
Growth Performance
Personal Development

We offer a number of courses that include Presentation Skills, Conflict Management, Time Management, Negotiation Skills, Influencing for Results.



Contact us to discuss your needs and we will design, develop and deliver it for you.

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Tel:  0207 2052532



For any general inquiries, please fill in the following contact form:

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How we work

We founded the Growth Performance in April 2016 with a vision to be the best loved learning and development provider in the industry.


Having worked for some of the biggest brands in the world for nearly two decades, we know what it takes to make human performance work and we aim to do this by offering the best possible value.  



We focus solutions on designing 'holistic' performance approaches to change behaviour. 


The values that binds our team together and sets us apart are;
















Our passion is about using innovation to develop better ways to make knowledge, skills and new routines stick. We love being given the 'big opportunity' to improve human performance.


We will create fanatical advocates by providing extraordinary experiences and unprecedented outcomes for our clients and their customers.


We build long-term, trusted, and valuable relationships with our clients, our people, and our partners. We aim to be the quintessential trusted advisor for learning and performance.


We have an awesome team that are some of the best classroom facilitators, coaches, instructional designers and digital learning developers ready to make an impact on performance. 


We will work with you to understand 'the big opportunity' and develop an approach that best fits your business by taking a holistic approach to human performance.


Not just creating GREAT experiences for learners, but using learning and development innovation that works to drive performance with our 'sticky learning' design approach.


Whether we are designing eLearning, Virtual Reality simulations, experiential learning or more traditional will be developed rapidly, tested made to fit the learner, their style of learning and have an approach to work with back in the workplace.


We think we have the world's best facilitators and coachs that can be relied upon to challenge the learner to go beyond their own pre conceived / limiting beliefs.


Right at the beginning we will have agreed how to measure 'the big opportunity' and now we make sure we evaluate success.


Part of our aproach is that we build long term relationships with our clients to create better value. Post programme support will be available for all participants who attend our programmes.

Our Specialisms

We impact the performance of your people by being your flexible Learning and Development 


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